Sport$trategies: The Podcast

A program devoted to the business of sports currently streaming at Itoc Italian on the Itoc Media network. On this limited bi-weekly series, we’ll examine how business owners in the Canadian sports industry faced the challenges posed by Covid-19 and how they’ve been able to mitigate the financial damage and project towards a positive path forward.

This week, I’m speaking with Richard Bucciarelli, who operates Soccer Fitness, a Greater Toronto Area company that assists athletes, as well as coaches and parents, with appropriate physical training programs to maximize their potential as soccer players, through improvements in physical fitness.

Since opening his business in 2006, Richard has invested heavily in state of the art sport science equipment and resources in order to service his clients with the latest cutting edge tools and technology to improve their individual performances. When the pandemic forced him to shut his doors, Richard quickly transitioned his services to meet the needs of his clients utilizing various online approaches. Above all that, he also set in motion a bold strategy of moving his entire operation to a new space right in the middle of a pandemic.

Here is a link to my interview with Richard Bucciarelli:

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