Sport$trategies: The Podcast

A program devoted to the business of sports currently streaming at Itoc Italian on the Itoc Media network. On this limited bi-weekly series, we’ll examine how business owners in the Canadian sports industry faced the challenges posed by Covid-19 and how they’ve been able to mitigate the financial damage and project towards a positive path forward.

This week, I’m speaking with Daniel Di Leo, who manages Goodwood Kartways, a sprawling 20-acre racing circuit northeast of Toronto, used exclusively for karting.

In March of 2020, the pandemic impacted Daniel’s business just as he was about to re-open the track following a lengthy winter hiatus. After a 2-month shutdown, Goodwood Kartways re-opened under strict health and safety protocols. Gradually during the summer months, the various segments of the business operation returned to a semblance of normal routine with certain social distancing limitations, of course. 

But as operations wind down for the season, Daniel is unsure what marketing efforts and initiatives he should prioritize in the off season, since the business landscape could look very different come the spring of 2021.

Here is the link to my interview with Daniel Di Leo:

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