Sport$trategies: The Podcast

A program devoted to the business of sports currently streaming at Itoc Italian on the Itoc Media network. On this limited bi-weekly series, we’ll examine how business owners in the Canadian sports industry faced the challenges posed by Covid-19 and how they’ve been able to mitigate the financial damage and project towards a positive path forward.

This week, I’m speaking with Matthew Caldaroni, of Molliteum. Matthew operates a program designed to sharpen the mental performance of athletes & business leaders. The key to his approach is an emphasis on resilience training and providing his clients with the tools & techniques that improve and enhance resilience in a competitive environment.

The pandemic forced Matthew to restrict his personal interaction with his clients but he accelerated the process of offering his services across virtual platforms which opened many new and exciting opportunities for his company.

The interview is now available as an uninterrupted podcast at Itoc Italian:

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